FILE:  IA Instructional Goals
FILE:  IB Academic Freedom
FILE:  IC/ICA School Year/School Year
FILE:  ID School Day
FILE:  IDGL Virtual/Online Courses
FILE:  IDGL-R Distance Education
FILE:  IE Organization of Instruction
FILE:  IF/IFB/IFD Curriculum Development and Adoption
FILE:  IGAA Citizenship Education
FILE:  IGAB Human Relations Education
FILE:  IGAC Teaching about Religion
FILE:  IGAD Occupational Education
FILE:  IGAF Physical Education
FILE:  IGAG Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
FILE:  IGBA Programs for Disabled Students
FILE:  IGBB Programs for Gifted Students
FILE:  IGBG Homebound Instruction
FILE:  IGBH Alternative School Programs
FILE:  IGCA Summer School
FILE:  IGCD Advanced College Placement (Also LEB)
FILE:  IGCE Open Gym
FILE:  IGD Co curricular and Extracurricular Programs
FILE:  IGDA Student Organizations
FILE:  IGDB Student Publications
FILE:  IGDD Student Performances
FILE:  IGDF Student Fund-Raising Activities
FILE:  IGDG Student Activities Funds Management
FILE:  IGDI/IGDJ Interscholastic Activities
FILE:  IGE Community Education Program
FILE:  IGDK Participation of Alternative Instruction Students
FILE:  IHA Grouping for Instruction
FILE:  IHB Class Size
FILE:  IHC Scheduling for Instruction
FILE:  IIA Instructional Materials
FILE:  IIAA Textbook Selection and Adoption
FILE:  IIAA (1) Loaning of Textbooks
FILE:  IIAA-E Textbook Selection and Adoption/Textbook Evaluation Form
FILE:  IIAC Library Materials Selection and Adoption
FILE:  IIBA Educational Assistants
FILE:  IIBD School Libraries
FILE:  IIBE Instructional Television
FILE:  IIBF Telecommunications
FILE:  IIBG Internet Safety Policy
FILE:  IIBG-R Acceptable Use Agreement
FILE:  IIBH Distance Learning Policy and Guidelines
FILE:  IIBH-E Distance Learning Student Contract
FILE:  IIC Community Instructional Resources (Also KF)
FILE:  IICB Community Resource Persons
FILE:  IJ Guidance Program
FILE:  IK Academic Achievement
FILE:  IKA Grading System
FILE:  IKAB Student Progress Reports to Parents
FILE:  IKB Homework
FILE:  IKE Promotion and Retention of Students
FILE:  IKE-E Retention Report
FILE:  IKE-R General Guidelines for Student Retention
FILE:  IKF/IKFA Graduation Requirements
FILE:  IKFB Graduation Separation
FILE:  IL Testing Programs
FILE:  ILB State Required Assessments
FILE:  IM Evaluation of Instructional Programs (Also AFE)
FILE:  INB Teaching about Controversial Issues
FILE: INDA/INDB Patriotic Exercises/Flag Displays
FILE:  INH Class Interruptions