"Our business is the creation of learning
environments that result in success."

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Brandon Valley School District is one of the most progressive districts in South Dakota located on the eastern edge of South Dakota, bordering Minnesota and Iowa.  Brandon Valley is the 4th largest school district in South Dakota and consists of nine schools:

Brandon Valley High School


Brandon Valley Middle School


Brandon Valley Intermediate School


Brandon Elementary


Fred Assam Elementary K-4

Insipiration Elementary


Robert Bennis Elementary


Valley Springs Elementary K-4
Distance Learning Academy K-12

The school district consists of five cities: Brandon, Valley Springs, Corson, Rowena and Sioux Falls.
The high school is the "Home of the Lynx" and enjoys award winning music and athletic programs.  The school district represents parents and patrons who demand excellence and support all programs making student success a priority.  The student enrollment continues to grow each year indicating that the schools are a focal point for the community.

Brandon Valley welcomes new families and students to its educational programs and wants to make each and every student feel at home when attending our schools.


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