Each new student will need all the following items to enroll in the Brandon Valley School District. 

Required enrollment documents can be uploaded during the enrollment process, or submitted to your school / the Brandon Valley Administration Center (300 S. Splitrock Blvd, Brandon, SD 57005).


1.    New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE)

New student enrollments are submitted online at:

If you do not have a computer, please call 605-582-2049 to schedule an appointment to complete NSOE.

Please visit our page for information on Traditional Learning and Distance Learning options for the 2020-2021 school year.


2.    Proof of residency

The legal residence of a student, for the purpose of public school enrollment, is the legal residence of the student’s parents or legal guardian.  For proof of residency, please supply one of the following:

a.    current lease agreement

b.    home purchase agreement

c.  mortgage document

d.  homeowner's insurance policy

e.  utility bill

f.  property tax payment / receipt


3.    Legal birth certificate

The legislature passed into law a requirement that schools have on file a copy of a certified copy of a birth certificate for each enrolled student.  The school must view the certified copy of the birth record, and it must be presented within 30 days of enrollment. 


4.    Legal concerns: 

If applicable, guardians must have:

a.    current copies of court authorization that establish custody

b.    in cases of divorce, current custody documentation


5.    Official Transcript/Report Card:

Transcript (grades 9-12) or final report card (grades 7-8), and/or withdrawal grades if enrolling during a current school year.


6.    Immunization record: 

The state requires acceptable evidence of adequate immunization before a child may be enrolled in any school in South Dakota.  If the immunizations are not on file before the 45th day of school, the student may not return to school.  Please visit the school nurses website at for more information on health services and immunization requirements.


7.    Bus pass:

If your student needs to ride the bus to/from school, please contact the BVSD Transportation Department at 605-582-3514.  You can find more information about purchasing a bus pass at  Transportation services are not available to in-district open enrolled students.