Brandon Valley School District

Substitute Teaching Information



If you were a substitute that was board approved or worked in the Brandon Valley School District during the last school year or semester before the last school year, you do NOT need to reapply online to sub for this school year.  You are eligible and ready to sub!  You should already be active in the Frontline call list.  If you are not on the call list, or if you are uncertain whether you need to reapply to sub, please contact Jennifer Swenson at 605-582-2049.



Please complete the “Substitute” application found here.  The application is available approximately mid-July through mid-March.

Pick up the following forms from the BVSD George A. Gulson Administration Center (300 S. Splitrock Blvd, Brandon), and return the forms there once completed. 

·         W-4 (complete only if new applicant) 

·         I-9 (complete only if new substitute or changes have occurred); BVSD will need to view your original: 
    - passport, or  
    - driver’s license and social security card

·         Criminal Background Check and payment If you already have a background check on file @ BV (from volunteering or student teaching) please call Jennifer at 582-2049
payment must be exact cash or a check to the DCI for $43.25 (only if new to district; take form to Brandon Police Department (Wednesdays at 1:00), return forms and payment to BVSD.  If you have had this background check in the last year with another school district, you can request that they forward the results to BVSD.

·         Direct Deposit Form – payments will be electronically credited to your bank account.  Please attach a voided check.  If depositing to a savings account, please have the bank print a copy of the account information (we will not accept a deposit slip).

Once the above paperwork has been submitted, new substitute applicants must be approved by the BVSD Board of Education.  These meetings are typically on the second and fourth Mondays of the month.  Approximately one week after board approval, you will receive an email inviting you to set up your account in Frontline (information below).  After you set up your Frontline account, you will be eligible to sub.



Please review the following information:

·         Substitute Handbook

·         Frontline Sub QuickStart Guide & Training

Frontline is the automated call system used by BVSD to fill substitute teaching jobs.  Substitutes are enrolled in Frontline by the school district, only after board approval.  After board approval, you will receive an email with the Frontline login information (check your email spam folder), and you must complete the above referenced training.  You will then receive phone calls for substitute teaching positions according to the settings/preferences in your Frontline account.


If you have questions about the substitute in-service (August 15, 2019, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. at RBE Library), please contact Sherri Nelson (582-6035).

Please contact Jennifer Swenson (582-2049) with all other questions.