School-Community Relations


FILE: KA School-Community Relations Goals
FILE: KB Public Information Program
FILE: KBAA Public Records
FILE: KBAA-R Public Records - Regulation
FILE: KBC New Media Relations
FILE: KBCA News Releases
FILE: KBCAA Crisis Management Team Guidelines
       Appendix A      Crisis Situation Media Parameters
       Appendix B       Principal's Role
       Appendix C       Teacher's Role
       Appendix D       Guidance Role
       Appendix E        Role of Secretarial Staff
       Appendix F        How to Comfort
FILE: KBD Wellness Policy (Also CDB, EBD, GBBB, JFBB)
FILE: KBE Bond Campaigns (Also FD)
FILE: KC Community Involvement in Decision-Making (ABA)
FILE: KD Public Participation at Board Meetings (BDDH)
FILE: KF Community Instructional Resources (IIC)
FILE: KG-E-R Facility Use Policy
FILE: KG-E-R-E Facility User Agreement
FILE: KGB Public Conduct on School Property
FILE: KGC Tobacco-Free School Policy
FILE: KH Public Gifts to the School
FILE: KI-KJ Public Solicitations/Advertising in the Schools
FILE: KK Visitors to the School
FILE: KL Public Complaints
FILE: KLB Public Complaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Materials
FILE: KLB-E Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
FILE: KLD Public Complaints About School Personnel
FILE: KMA Relations with Parents Organizations
FILE: KN Relations with Governmental Authorities
FILE: KNE Parent Involvement