FILE:  JA Student Policies Goals
FILE:  JB Equal Educational Opportunities
FILE:  JBA Anti-Bullying/Harassment of Students
FILE:  JC School Attendance Areas
FILE:  JC-E Map of School Attendance Areas
FILE:  JC-E 1 Map of City of Brandon
FILE:  JC-E 2 Map of Brandon Valley School District
FILE:  JE Compulsory Student Attendance
FILE:  JEAA Students Alternative Instruction
FILE:  JEB Entrance Age
FILE:  JEC School Admissions
FILE:  JECA Admission of Resident Students
FILE:  JECAA New Residents
FILE:  JECAAA Transfers from Non-accredited Schools
FILE:  JECB Admission of Nonresident Students
FILE:  JECBA Admission of Exchange Students
FILE:  JECBR Open Enrollment - Administrative Regulation
FILE:  JECC Assignment of Students to School 
FILE:  JECE Student Withdrawal from School  
FILE:  JED Student Absences and Excuses
FILE:  JEDA Truancy
FILE:  JEDB Student Dismissal Precautions
FILE:  JED-R Regulations Pertaining to All Absences
FILE:  JEE Student Attendance Accounting
FILE:  JEG Public School Exemption/Home School Students
FILE:  JF Student Rights and Responsibilities
FILE:  JFA Student Due Process Rights
FILE:  JFB Crisis Management Team Guidelines (also CD, EBCE, GBB, KBCAA)
       Appendix A      Crisis Situation Media Parameters
       Appendix B       Principal's Role
       Appendix C       Teacher's Role
       Appendix D       Guidance Role
       Appendix E        Role of Secretarial Staff
       Appendix F        How to Comfort
FILE:  JFBB Wellness Policy (Also CDB, EBD, GBBB, KBD)
FILE:  JFC Student Conduct
FILE:  JFCA Student Dress Code
FILE:  JFCC Student Conduct on School Buses/School Vehicles
FILE:  JFCC-R Student Conduct on School Buses/School Vehicles
FILE:  JFCF Hazing
FILE:  JFCG Smoking by Students
FILE:  JFCH/JFCI Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Students
FILE:  JFCI Student Drug Use
FILE:  JFCJ Dangerous Weapons in the School
FILE:  JFCK Use of personal Electronic Devices and Cell Phones at School
FILE:  JFE Pregnant/Married Students
FILE:  JFG Interrogations and Searches
FILE:  JFH Student Complaints and Grievances
FILE:  JG Student Discipline
FILE:  JGA Prohibition of Corporal Punishment
FILE:  JGD/JGE Student Suspension/Expulsion
FILE:  JGD/JGE-E(1) Notice of Hearing
FILE:  JGD/JGE-E(2) SD Codified Laws (SDCL) 13-32-4
FILE:  JGD/JGE-E(3) Hearing Procedure
FILE:  JGD/JGE-E(4) Waiver of Hearing Form
FILE:  JGD/JGE-E(5) Opening Statements by Board President
FILE:  JGD/JGE-E(6) Findings of Fact
FILE:  JHC Nursing Services
FILE:  JHCA Physical Examination
FILE:  JHCB Immunization Policy
FILE:  JHCC Student Communicable Diseases
FILE:  JHCC-R Student Communicable Diseases Guidelines
FILE:  JHCD Medications
FILE:  JHCDA Student Self-Administration of Asthma or Anaphylaxis Medication
Medication and Treatment Authorization Form
FILE:  JHCDB Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
FILE:  JHCDE Administration of Medical Cannabis to Qualifying Students
FILE:  JHCE Exposure Control:  Employee/Student Regulations
FILE:  JHD Student Psychological Services
FILE:  JHFA Supervision of Students
FILE:  JHFB Student Safety Patrol
FILE:  JHG Reporting Child Abuse
FILE:  JI Student Awards and Scholarships
FILE:  JL Student Gifts and Solicitations
FILE:  JLG Instruction/Programs for Homeless Students
FILE:  JLG-R Instruction/Programs for Homeless Students
FILE:  JN Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
FILE:  JO Student Records
FILE:  JOA Student Directory Information
FILE:  JOA-E Notification to Parents Release of Certain Information
FILE:  JOA-N FERPA Notice - Student Directory Information
FILE:  JOB Student Surveys
FILE:  JOB-N Notification of Rights under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
FILE:  JO-N Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
FILE:  JO-R Confidentiality
FILE:  JO-R(1) Authorization for Disclosure of Information