School Board Governance and Operations

FILE:  BA Board Operational Goals
FILE:  BB School Board Legal Status
FILE:  BBA School Board Powers and Duties
FILE:  BBAA Board Member Authority
FILE:  BBB School Board Elections
FILE:  BBBA Board Member Qualifications
FILE:  BBBB Board Member Oath of Office Policy
FILE:  BBBB-E Board Member Oath of Office  
FILE:  BBC Board Member Resignation & Board Member Removal from Office
FILE:  BBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment
FILE:  BBF-E School Board Member Ethics
FILE:  BBFA Board Member Conflict of Interest
FILE:  BCA Board Organizational Meeting
FILE:  BCB Board Officers
FILE:  BCC Appointed Board Officials
FILE:  BCD Board-Superintendent Relationship
FILE:  BCD-E Board Superintendent Relationship (ASB of SD)
FILE:  BCE Board Committees
FILE:  BCF Advisory Committees to the Board
FILE:  BCG School Attorney
FILE:  BD School Board Meetings
FILE:  BDC Executive Sessions
FILE:  BDDB Agenda Format Policy
FILE:  BDDB-E Agenda Format Example
FILE:  BDDD Quorum
FILE:  BDDE Rules of Order
FILE:  BDDE (1) Parliamentarian
FILE:  BDDE (2) Suspension of Rules of Order
FILE:  BDDF Voting Method
FILE:  BDDG Minutes
FILE:  BDDH Public Participation at Board Meetings (Also KD)
FILE:   BDDI Board Member Use of E-mail
FILE:  BF Board Policy Development
FILE:  BFB Preliminary Development of Policies
FILE:  BFC Policy Adoption
FILE:  BFCA Board Review of Regulations (Also CHB)
FILE:  BFD Policy Dissemination
FILE:  BFE Administration in Policy Absence (Also CHD)
FILE:  BFF Suspension of Policies
FILE:  BFG Policy Review and Evaluation
FILE:  BHA New Board Member Orientation
FILE:  BHB Board Member Development Opportunities
FILE:  BHD Board Member Compensation and Expenses
FILE:  BJ School Board Membership
FILE:  BK Evaluation of School Board Operational Procedures (Also AFA)