General School Administration


FILE:  CA Administration Goals
FILE:  CBA Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent
FILE:  CBB Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent
FILE:  CBC Superintendent's Contract
FILE:  CBD Superintendent's Compensation and Benefits
FILE:  CBG Evaluation of the Superintendent (Also AFB)
FILE:  CC Administrative Organization Plan
FILE:  CCA Organizational Chart
FILE:  CCB Line and Staff Relations
FILE:  CD Crisis Management Team Guidelines
       Appendix A      Crisis Situation Media Parameters
       Appendix B       Principal's Role
       Appendix C       Teacher's Role
       Appendix D       Guidance Role
       Appendix E        Role of Secretarial Staff
       Appendix F        How to Comfort
FILE:CDA Automated External Defibrillator  (Also EBCEA,GBBA)
FILE: CDB Wellness Policy (Also EBD, GBBB, JFBB, KBD)
FILE:  CE Administrative Councils, Cabinets and Committees
FILE:  CF School Building Administration
FILE:  CH Policy Implementation
FILE:  CHA Development of Regulations
FILE:  CHB Board Review of Regulations (Also BFCA)
FILE:  CHC Regulations Dissemination
FILE:  CHCA Approval of Handbooks and Directives
FILE:  CHD Administration in Policy Absence (Also BFE)
FILE:  CK Program Consultants