Orchestra is a performance ensemble of stringed instrument players, directed by Mrs. Shelly Berg.  String students will advance technical abilities and musicianship through music performance.  Students involved in orchestra are exposed to a wide variety of orchestral repertoire.
At the beginning of the School year 2018/2019 the orchestra consisted of a record number of 56 students! Orchestra meets every day during the school year, preparing music for a variety of concerts and contest. String players attend contests and festivals at the high school level. In October some students audition to be part of All-State Orchestra which performs in conjunction with the South Dakota All-State Chorus.  This year All-State Orchestra will be held in Rapid City, October 26 and 27. In February the Brandon Valley High School Orchestra participates in Orchestra Large Group Festival at the Lincoln High School. Augustana University hosts the Region II District String Solo/Ensemble Contest in March.  Some orchestra students play in the pit orchestra for the Spring Musical.

Every four years the Orchestra travels. In 2017, the orchestra toured to Los Angeles, California, with a brief stop in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Students participate in a Disney workshop.  Students attend a studio musician workshop where they sight read music and then create a movie studio sound track to match Disney movies. 
Day 2 - Universal Studios.  A trip to downtown LA and few hours spent looking around was day 3 before attending a Los Angeles Dodgers game. 

The orchestra also travels on opposite travel years to New York City.  

For more information, visit the South Dakota High School Activities Association website