Oral Interp

Oral interp is a competitive public speaking activity coached by Gina Koehn Reif and Leslie Stusiak-Drew.  Members of the Speaking Lynx choose pieces of literature to perform or write original material to compete with. Competitive events include Humor, Drama, Duo, Readers Theatre, Poetry, NonOriginal Oratory, Original Oratory, Program of Interpretation, Informative, and Storytelling. Students that take the Oral Interp class in the Fall semester are automatically part of the team for that semester and are required to participate in the tournaments. The results are not part of the grade.

The team competes at tournaments most weekends October through February with the season culminating in the SDHSAA State Interp Festival in December and the NSDA National Qualifying Tournament in February.  You can follow the team on facebook -- search for BVHS Speaking Lynx.