Brandon Valley Fine Arts Booster Club



Article I.—Name


The name of this organization shall be the “Fine Arts Booster Club”, herein referred to as the “Booster Club”.


Article II.—Purpose


To enhance Fine Arts for the Brandon Valley School District students by coordinating parent support, assisting with performances and events and providing support that might not otherwise be available.


Article III.—Membership


Section 1. - Membership in the Booster club is open to any adult person who supports the above purposes of the organization, and wishes to demonstrate support through participation in Booster Club activities.  A voluntary contribution is suggested in the fall of each year.


Section 2. - All members shall be governed by the bylaws of the Booster Club.


Article IV.—Officers, Elections, School Representative and the Executive Board


Section 1. - The officers of the Booster Club shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Section 2. - The officers shall be nominated and elected at the Annual Membership Meeting in the spring of each school year.


Section 3.- Officers shall serve for a term of one year from June 1st of the year elected to May 31st of the following year. The Vice President will serve a one year term as Vice President followed by a one year term of President.


Section 4.- The former President shall be asked to serve one year on the Executive board for an additional year in an advisory, ex-officio capacity.


Section 5.- In case of a vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice President shall become President and serve as President until the next regular annual election of officers.  In case of a vacancy of both the President and the Vice President, a President and Vice President shall be named by the Executive Board.  The executive Board shall act to fill all other vacancies that occur during a regular term by nomination of candidates and election by majority vote of the Executive board.


Section 6.- The Executive board shall consist of the four Fine Arts Booster Club officers elected at large during the Booster Club Annual May Meeting, one school representative and one board member each for the areas of Fine Arts within the Brandon  Valley School District.  Volunteers for each of these areas will be requested at the Mandatory Fall Meeting.  If an area of the Fine Arts does not elect or appoint a representative to the Booster Club Executive board, the Booster Club Officers may develop a list of possible appointees and invite them to become representatives per their discretion. 


Section 7.- The School Representative is a member of the high school Fine Arts' staff and is designated by the High School Principal.  The term of the School Representative shall be determined by the High School Principal.


Section 8.- The terms for elected or appointed Executive Board Members shall be one year from June 1st of the year elected or appointed to May 31st of the following year.


Article V.—Duties of the Executive Board, Officers and School Representative


Section 1.- The Executive board shall be the governing body of the Booster Club.


Section 2.- The president shall preside at all meetings, shall appoint committee chairpersons, shall call meetings of the Executive Board when necessary and perform all other duties pertaining to the office.  He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.


Section 3.- In the absence of the president, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the president. 


Section 4.- The secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of the Booster Club and keep a record of all activities of the Booster Club. The Secretary shall also be responsible for notifying members of upcoming meetings as directed by the President, his/her designated representative or a majority of the Executive Board.


Section 5. – The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Booster Club, receive all monies, maintain interest bearing checking and savings accounts, pay all bills approved by the Officers, preserve vouchers and file the required annual government reports.  The Treasurer shall, at each regular meeting, make a statement of the financial condition of the Booster Club to the Executive board and shall, at the Spring meeting submit a detailed report of the financial condition of the Booster Club to the membership.


Section 6. - The School Representative shall serve as the liason between the District/High School Administration and the Fine Arts Boosters.


Article VI.-Representatives


Section 1.- The Booster Club shall have the following Representatives: Theater, Chorus, Orchestra, Visual Arts, Oral Interpretation, and Playbill.

Section 2.- Formation of other committees for special Booster Club purposes shall be the jurisdiction of the President and or the Executive Board, acting separately or jointly, including the determination of purpose, term and participants of each special committee formed.


Section 3.- The Representatives for each area of the Fine Arts shall gain approval for any planned Booster Club events from the President and the High School Representative, and be responsible for organizing and managing Booster Club participation in the event.


Article VII – Voting


Section 1. - One vote is conferred upon each member of the Booster Club for the purpose of elections at the spring membership meeting.


Section 2. – One vote is conferred upon each member of the Executive Board during Executive Board meetings.


Article VIII – Business Meetings


Section 1. –Booster Club Meetings shall be called by the President, his/ her designated representative or the majority of the Executive Board. The number and frequency of regular meetings shall be determined by the Executive Board. Prior notification of any regular meeting shall be the responsibility of the President or his/her designated representative, and will be carried out by the Secretary.


Article IX – Budget


Section 1. – The Officers shall draw up a preliminary budget for the coming year by May 1st of each school year.


Section 2. – Once the budget is approved, requests from Fine Arts advisors must be in the hands of the President for presentation to and action by the Executive Board during the final meeting of the year.


Article X – Booster Club Assets and Business Affairs


Section 1.- The officers shall control and manage the funds, property and business affairs of the Booster Club. Funds of the Booster Club shall be deposited in checking and savings accounts.  Funds will be withdrawn from these accounts only by signature of one of the following officers: President, Treasurer. The bank statement will be reviewed by the President monthly and reconciled by the Treasurer.


Section 2.-Funds will only be dispersed with the direction and approval of the Officers.


Section 3.- The Fine Arts Booster Club shall periodically review need for liability insurance to cover Executive Board members, members and volunteers and also a surety bond that covers all officers.  In 2009 these were reviewed and determined unnecessary due to the low risk nature of the Fine Arts Booster Club’s activities and the amount of funds on hand.


Article XI. –Amendments

Section 1.- The Booster Club Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the assembled members at any regular meeting.



Approved November 12, 2009

Revised September 10, 2013