South Dakota Department of Education
Accountability Report Card

Every year the South Dakota Department of Education publishes a report card to provide information about South Dakota Schools.
The report card includes information about districts and individual schools.

Use the link found in the table below to view Brandon Valley School District's current report card.

2021-2022 Accountability Report Card

This year’s Report Card is again abbreviated due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic

Please use the link below for access to the data provided on the 2021-2022 Report Card
2021-2022 Report Card

Please contact building level administration if you have any further questions on the 2021-2022 Report Card or if you are unable to access the electronic version. Building administration is listed below.

Brandon Elementary
Merle Horst
Fred Assam Elementary
Susan Foster
Inspiration Elementary
Tanya Palmer
Robert Bennis Elementary
Kristin Hofkamp
Valley Springs Elementary
Mary Mudder
Intermediate School
Nick Skibsted
Middle School
Amanda Nelson
High School
Mark Schlekeway

2021-2022 Accountability Report Card
State BVSD District Wide
Brandon Elementary Fred Assam Elementary
Inspiration Elementary Robert Bennis Elementary
Valley Springs Elementary Intermediate School
Middle School High School
Distance Learning