Home of the Lynx

"Our business is the creation of learning environments that result in success."

Located on the eastern edge of South Dakota, the Brandon Valley School District is widely recognized for its academic excellence and is consistently ranked as one of the top districts in the state. As the fourth largest school district in South Dakota, Brandon Valley spans across five cities: Brandon, Valley Springs, Corson, Rowena, and Sioux Falls and is comprised of eight schools:

Brandon Valley Logo
Brandon Valley High School     9-12
Brandon Valley Middle School     7-8
Brandon Valley Intermediate School     5-6
Brandon Elementary     K-4
Fred Assam Elementary     K-4
Inspiration Elementary     K-4
Robert Bennis Elementary     K-4
Valley Springs Elementary     K-4

The Brandon Valley School District is committed to meeting the elevated expectations of parents and patrons, prioritizing student success and ensuring excellence in all programs. Known as the "Home of the Lynx," the district takes immense pride in its fine arts and athletic programs, which have earned numerous accolades and state championships. The steady growth in student enrollment each year reflects the community's strong connection to its schools.

Our Mission

"We will prepare our students to be life long learners and productive citizens through a positive learning environment with the cooperation of students, educational staff, parents, guardians, and community."

Brandon Valley welcomes new families and students to its educational programs and wants to make each and every student feel at home when attending our schools.

Brandon Schools

The Lynx Way

Brandon Schools

The Brandon Valley School District utilizes our district-wide character program "The Lynx Way" to promote positive student behaviors and instill the fundamental traits we want in all students. Creating consistency and common language throughout our schools, supports positive behavior intervention systems, and promotes easier transitions between school buildings. We encourage all parents, guardians, and patrons to utilize the common language and engage with our kids on the importance of being respectful, responsible, safe, kind, and active learners.

Respectful - Responsible - Safe - Kind - Active Learners

#WEareBV - Go Lynx!

Please monitor the Brandon Valley School District Covid-19 Information website for news and updates. Information will be updated periodically.