update August 2015

A. Purpose of this Document

The Brandon Valley School District provides Information Technology services for the student body and faculty. We are pleased to bring the following services to the district and believe that they offer a vast, diverse, and unique set of opportunities to both students and teachers. These services include Internet services, web-hosting, e-mail services, and other related services provided via the computer network. The district has made a substantial investment in human and financial resources to create and maintain these systems. State law requires each district to have a written policy in place concerning the proper use of Information Technology within the classroom, which this document outlines.

With access to computers and people all over the world also comes the availability of material that may not be considered to be of educational value in the context of the school setting. However, it is the school district’s belief that the valuable information and interaction on these networks far outweigh the possibility that the user may locate material that is not consistent with the educational goals of the district. Internet users, like traditional library users, are responsible for their actions in accessing online resources. In addition, the smooth operation of the network relies upon the proper conduct of the end users. These guidelines are provided here so that you are aware of the responsibilities you as an end user are about to acquire. In general this requires efficient, ethical, and legal utilization of the network. If a user violates any of these provisions, he/she will be subject to the penalties listed in this document. The signature(s) at the end of this document is (are) binding and indicates the party (parties) who signed has (have) read the terms and conditions carefully and understand(s) their significance.


B. Privileges

The use of computers and all the services that are provided via them is a privilege. Improper use of these resources will result in the temporary or permanent loss of these services and/or other disciplinary measures, including but not limited to: being subject to the school district discipline policy and being required to monetarily compensate the district for any malicious damage.

Students who are at risk of failing classes may be subject to temporary restrictions of access.

Every user in the district is expected to follow all local, state, and federal laws when using the services provided by the district. Failure to do so will result in prosecution.

Your use of the Internet and related services must be acceptable and in agreement with the objectives and in accordance with the rules of student conduct of the Brandon Valley School District and also with state and federal regulations. Internet usage may be monitored. No right to privacy shall be construed, nor do academic freedom issues apply.


C. General Guidelines

1.   Students will have access to all available forms of electronic media and communication that support the educational goals of the Brandon Valley School District.

2.   Students are responsible for their ethical and educational use of the technology resources of the Brandon Valley School District.

3.   Access to the Brandon Valley School District technology resources is a privilege and not a right.

4.   Any attempt to alter data, the configuration of a computer, or the files of another user without the consent of the individual, will be considered an act of vandalism and subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the discipline procedures.


D. Legal

1.   Student will comply with trademark and copyright laws and all license agreements.  Ignorance of the law is not immunity.  If you are unsure, ask a teacher or parent.

2.   Plagiarism is a violation of the Brandon Valley Schools District’s disciplinary procedures.  Give credit to all sources used, whether quoted or summarized.  This includes all forms of media on the Internet such as: graphics, movies, music, and text.

3.   Use or possession of hacking software is strictly prohibited and violators will be subject to disciplinary procedures.  Violation of applicable state or federal law, including the South Dakota Penal Code, Computer Crimes will result in criminal prosecution or disciplinary action by the Brandon Valley School District.   


E. E-mail

1.   Students should make sure their K-12 e-mail account works at all times.  Students should check their K-12 e-mail accounts regularly.  Brandon Valley High School office staff, teachers, principals, counselors, coaches, etc. will be communicating upcoming appointments, requests and announcements through e-mail or other approved forms of communication.

2.   Students should maintain high integrity with regard to e-mail content.

-always use appropriate language

-do not transmit language or material that is profane, obscene, abusive, bully like or offensive to others.

3.  Do not send mass e-mails, chain letters or, spam.

4.  K-12 e-mail accounts are considered property of the state.  Student e-mail is subject to inspection by school officials at any time.


F. Web Hosting Services

1.   The state data center will host websites for students.  These websites that the state hosts are to be educational in nature.

2.   All copyrights are to be respected in relationship to these websites that the students create.

3.   The content of the websites must be school appropriate at all times.

4.   Students cannot use the website for commercial, profiting, non-school, political purposes.


G. Printing

1.    All students must have approval from a teacher before printing a document or image.

2.    All materials being printed must be school related.

3.    Printing can be monitored.


H. Hacking, Cracking, and Virus Creation

1.    Going around the school firewall is not allowed.

2.    Spreading a malicious virus or related rogue software is not allowed.

3.    It is the financial responsibility of the student involved in hacking any district and/or state-owned systems.  The student, his/her parents, or legal guardians will reimburse the district for costs incurred by the district.  This includes but is not limited to:  labor costs for tracking down the user and repairing any damage done accidentally or otherwise, consulting and legal fees, computer forensic fees and any fees incurred from outside sources hired by the district.


I. Network Security

1.   If a student identifies a security problem on the network, they must notify the classroom teacher.  Do not share the problems with others.  Do not exploit any security holes.

2.   Students are not allowed to download programs, files, games, or other electronic media.

3.   Disrupting the network or the work of others is not allowed.

4.   Students will not modify or abuse any software.

5.   Students are not allowed to use the network for fraudulent copying, communications, or modification of materials in violation of copyright laws.

6.   Students must not use the network to intentionally obtain or modify files, passwords and data belong to other users.

7.   User accounts are considered property of the Brandon Valley School District.  The School District expressly reserves the right at any time to review the subject, content and appropriateness of electronic communications or other computer files and remove them if warranted.

8.   Any violation in the network security will be reported to the administration and law enforcement officials if necessary.

9.   Students using the Brandon Valley School District’s network shall have no expectation of privacy or confidentiality on the content of electronic communications or other computer files sent and received on the District network.

J. Privacy and Safety

1.   Do not access, use, or change computer files that do not belong to you.

2.   Do not reveal your full name, phone number, home address, social security number, credit card number, passwords or passwords of other people.

3.   Remember that storage is not guaranteed to be private or confidential; the district may access anything on your computer at any time.

4.   If a student inadvertently accesses a website that contains obscene, pornographic or offensive material, notify a teacher or principal immediately so that such websites can be blocked from further and future access.  This is not merely a request; it is a responsibility.


K. Social Media

1.    Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are blocked at school.

2.   The Brandon Valley School District is not responsible for material hosted on these types of websites.

3.   Brandon Valley School District will assist authorities in every way possible should there be materials on these types of websites that threaten the well-being of members in the district.


L. Using the District Network

1.  At log-in all users will be required to acknowledge understanding of the Brandon Valley School District’s Acceptable Use Agreement before being allowed to log on and use the school district network.

2.  Parents or guardians of minors will provide confirmation of their understanding of the Acceptable Use Agreement and give permission for use on the annual registration card.

3.   Students will only log on to the network using the username given to them by the school district.


M. Disclaimer

1.   The Brandon Valley School District will not be responsible for loss of information nor the accuracy or quality of information obtained through the Internet.

2.  The Brandon Valley School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing.

3.   The Brandon Valley School District will not be responsible for any damages a user suffers. This includes loss of data resulting from delays in Internet service, non-deliveries or mis-deliveries of e-mail, or service interruptions of any kind.

4.   The school district policy regarding use of the Internet and related services will be posted in all computer labs and is available in each school library.


N. Violating the Acceptable Use Expectations may result in:

1.   Loss of network access.

2.   Disciplinary or legal action, including, but not limited to, criminal prosecution under appropriate state and federal laws.


O. Staff Responsibilities

1.   Staff members who supervise students, control electronic equipment, or otherwise have occasion to observe student use of said equipment online, shall make reasonable efforts to monitor the use of this equipment to assure that it conforms to the mission and goals of the Brandon Valley School District.

2.   Staff should make reasonable efforts to become familiar with the Internet and its use so that effective monitoring, instruction, and assistance may be achieved.



Rules include but are not limited to those listed above. The Brandon Valley School District reserves the right to add to or make changes to this document upon approval of the district School Board. Any changes will be made public through the School Board minutes.



Computer Acceptable Use Expectations Summary (August 2015)

1.   Using the network for illegal activities, including copyright, license violations, downloading inappropriate materials, viruses, and/or software such as (but not limited to) hacking and host file sharing software.

2.   Using the network for financial or commercial gain, advertising, or political lobbying.

3.   Accessing or exploring online locations or materials that do not support the curriculum and/or are inappropriate for school assignments such as (but not limited to) pornographic sites.

4.   Vandalizing and/or tampering with equipment, programs, files, software, system performance or other components of the network.  Use or possession of hacking software is strictly prohibited.

5.   Causing congestion on the network or interfering with the work of others such as chain letters or broadcast messages to lists or individuals.

6.   Intentionally wasting finite resources such as online time, real-time music.

7.   Gaining unauthorized access anywhere on the network.

8.   Revealing the home address or phone number of one’s self or another person.

9.   Invading the privacy of other individuals.

10.  Using another user’s account, password, or allowing another user to access your account or password.

11.  Coaching, helping, observing, or joining any unauthorized activity on the network.

12.  Forwarding/distributing e-mail messages without permission from the author.

13.  Posting anonymous messages or unlawful information on the system.

14.  Engaging in sexual harassment or using objectionable language in public or private messages.

15.  Using comments that are racist, terroristic, abusive, sexually explicit, threatening, stalking, demeaning, slanderous, bullying, or sexist.

16.  Falsifying permission, authorization, or identification documents.

17.  Obtain copies or modify files, data, or passwords belonging to other users on the network.

18.  Knowingly placing a computer virus on a computer or network.




Cell Phone / Electronic Devices (different than printed handbook, which is wrong)

Students driving and texting in the parking lot will forfeit their spot for the entire year, and no refund will be given.

Cell phones/electronic devices may be used in the high school building before and after the school day, between class periods in the hallways, and in the commons during lunch periods and free periods. Cell phones may only be used in the classroom for academic purposes at the direction of the teacher. Digital images or taking inappropriate photographs of any kind are prohibited to ensure the privacy of others. When a device is confiscated, the electronic device must be turned over unaltered to the staff member. Any misuse of any electronic device will result in the following disciplinary actions (per semester):

i. First Offense -- returned only directly to parent or guardian.

ii. Second Offense -- returned only to parent or guardian Saturday School points (3 points) for student.

iii. Third Offense -- returned only to parent or guardian and one half-day Saturday School (5 points)

iv. Fourth Offense -- returned only to parent or guardian and in-school suspension (1 day)

v. Fifth Offense -- returned only to parent or guardian and out-of-school suspension (1 day)

vi. Each additional offense will incur an increase by one day to the number of out-of-school suspension  days a student will receive (Ex: Sixth Offense -- 3 days…)

*If a parent or guardian is not physically able to pick the cell phone up in the high school office, the device will be mailed home.