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Clubs and Organizations

Anime Club

Advisor Diann Terpstra
We interpret and appreciate various Japanese shows, each unique and picked by our club members. We celebrate holidays with parties and fun. Visit our website for more information.

Art Club

Advisor Chad Nelson
"Art is an adventure into an unkown world, which can only be explored by those willing to take the risks." -Mark Rothko

Best Buddies

Advisors - Amy Frantzen, Kelly Eichelberg, Maggie Youngberg
Buddies is a program that builds one-to-one friendships between people with and without disabilities, offering social mentoring while improving the quality of life and level of inclusion for a population that is often isolated and excluded. Through their participation, people with disabilities form meaningful connections with their peers, gain self confidence and self esteem, and share interests, experiences, and activities that many other individuals enjoy.

Biology Club

Advisor Justin Lovrien
Biology Club meets every Thur. after school. We are in charge of maintaining the marine aquarium on display in the science wing of our school. We are also judge the elementary science fair and are involved with projects such as making solar heaters, rain barrels, and other 'green' projects.

Cinema Club

Advisors Matt Christensen, Chad Nelson, Nick Massmann
During their lunch period, students watch then discussa variety of films--especially those they would not have sought themselves--with analytic viewpoints and angles to develop better critical thinking skills

Drama Club

Advisor Melanie Sittig
Drama Club takes trips to different plays, then later discusses everything about the play.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Advisor Natasha Wegner
FCA is Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It is a Christian youth group that meets bi-weekly on Sunday nights at 7 in students homes. Although "athletes" is in the name you don't have to be one to attend. There are many non-athletes who join us regulary. We discuss life lessons from sports and other activities and how to build our relationship with Jesus Christ on a daily basis.


Advisor Jackie Bogue
The FFA is an organization that competes in many different career development events (CDE). Fall CDE’s: Ag Broadcasting, Ag communications, As issues, Ag Sales, Creed Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Job Interview, Jr. Parliamentary Procedure, Marketing Plan, Prepared Public Speaking, and Parliamentary Procedure. Spring CDE’s: Ag Business Management, Agronomy, Floriculture, Horse Evaluation and Selection, Meats Evaluation and Technology, Natural Resources, Range Plant ID, Ag Mechanics, Dairy Cattle, Food Science and Technology, Livestock Evaluation, Milk Quality and Products, Nursery/Landscape, and Vet Science. The FFA events put on events such as tractor drives, bowling competitions, petting zoo’s, and we participate in National FFA week. The FFA Puts on one fundraiser during the year; Fruit Sales.

First Priority

Advisor Derek Outland
First Priority is a student-led Christian group that allows students to gather together on Tuesday mornings for food, fellowship, and fun!


Advisor Lisa Fuccello
HOSA is 100% healthcare! This organization helps promote career opportunities within the healthcare industry while training students to deliver quality healthcare to all people. HOSA meets bi-monthly and offers several opportunities to students. Listen to professionals discuss their current health careers; explore various health-related career options; and practice healthcare skills in a competitive event held in the spring. This group is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors only. If you are interested in joining this group, please fill out this application.

Math NHS

Advisor Chris White
Students in Math National Honor Society are recognized for outstanding achievement and curiosity in the field of mathematics. Students who have completed Algebra and Geometry with at least a B average are eligible to become members.Math NHS students travel to academic competitions at regional colleges and universities. Members also offer daily tutoring at Brandon Valley Middle School and help high school students prepare for semester tests.


Please contact Mrs. Stemwedel for more information about being a mentor or a tutor.
- Mentors work one-on-one with elementary or middle school students who need a buddy, role model or someone that will work with them individually on an academic subject.
- Tutors work with elementary or middle school students either on a one-on-one basis, in small groups, or work with a whole class and help a teacher on academic subjects.

National Honor Society

Advisors Kent Anderson, Al Hogie, and Kali Rowe
National Honor Society is a national organization which recognizes outstanding scholarship, leadership, and volunteerism. In the spring of their junior year, students with a GPA of 3.4 or higher are notified of their academic eligibility and will be invited to apply for admittance into NHS. Applications for admittance require proven leadership experiences and community service experience. In addition, the character of each nominee is reviewed by the faculty. Incidences of academic dishonesty or violations of law that resulted in nonparticipation of extra-curricular activities will be taken into account during the character review. Students will be personally notified if their application is accepted and an induction ceremony into the group will occur in the spring.

Oral Interpretation

Advisor Gina Koehn
Oral Interpretation is a performance activity that allows students to perform plays and other pieces of literature for an audience using just voice and body. No props or costumes are allowed; the focus is on creating a character and/or a scene. Students may perform by themselves or with groups of other students. The performances are then entered into competitive tournaments. In the fall semester, a class is offered to prepare students for performances and competition. There is also the opportunity to work after school for students who want to compete but are unable to take the class.

Peer Helpers

Advisors Kara Likness, Katie Murdy, Michelle Stemwedel
The primary purpose of the Peer Helpers program is based on a simple premise: Within every school, an informal "helping network" exists. Students with problems naturally seek out other students who they can trust. They seek them out for advice, help in getting assistance, or just to provide empathetic listening. The Peer Helpers program utilizes this existing helping network and provides training to students who are already serving as informal helpers. The training gives them skills to more effectively help others.

Public Speaking

Advisor Gina Koehn
Students who are interested in competitive public speaking can work on extemporaneous speaking and original oratory. Both are activities in which students research and write speeches on either current events or a topic of their choice and present these speeches in a competitive setting. Students interested in this can take the oral interpretation class and use that class time to prepare for their speeches or can work independently after school to prepare.

Quiz Bowl

Advisor Chris White
Quiz Bowl is an academic extra-curricular activity for students in grades 9-12. High School participants meet one morning and one afternoon per week to study for upcoming tournaments. For more information on lettering, participation, etc., please contact Chris White at Students at the high school level will participate in 7 or 8 local tournaments.


Advisors Kara Likness and Kristi VanDeRostyne from Carroll Institute.
Students Against Destructive Decisions is an organization that focuses on helping students make positive for their future. The chapter works to bring awareness to others and provide tools to deal with underage drinking, peer pressure, bullying, etc. Every month we focus on a new topic! SADD meets every Wednesday during SRP in Room 102! Any student is welcome and it is a great way to get involved at school and in the community! TATU Teens Aginst Tobacco Use. These students focus on the dangers of tobacco use and create lessons to teach to younger Brandon Valley students.


Advisors Allen Hogie and Maggie Bryant
SALSA, made up of 1500+ members from the four Sioux Falls area high schools, is an organization focused on volunteerism. The HELP!Line Center facilitates group meetings and links high school students to volunteer opportunities in the community through this program. Volunteering enables students to explore careers and increase awareness of community needs. Meetings at Brandon Valley are held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 am in the Community Room. Brandon Valley Salsa Page

Student Council

Coordinators Mark Schlekeway and Michelle Stemwedel
Student Council representatives are elected by their class in the spring preceding their governing school year. As an elected representative, the primary responsibility is to bring the views and concerns of your class to the council meeting. At the council meeting you must make decisions based on your wisdom and judgment of the situation as well as the views and concerns of the class.
Once a council decision has been made, it is the responsibility of the representative to support the decision, keeping in mind that whatever is adopted by a council could, however, be changed at a later date.
Meetings are held at the beginning of each month.


Advisor Justin Lovrien
The Brandon Valley High School Trap team is open to students in grades 6-12th grade, as long as they have completed a gun safety course. One of the largest teams in the state, we complete on Tuesday nights at Garretson Sportsmen’s Club from 4:30 – 7:00. The season runs from the first week in April through the last week in May. Contact Justin Lovrien ( with any questions!