The Brandon Valley School District works with families in providing the necessary meals and accommodations for those who have proper documentation from a Physician for the allergy or health concerns listed. Special Diet Prescription forms must be submitted annually at the beginning of the school year so that we have the most up to date information in providing the student the meal needed.

Forms may be found on this site for your Physician to complete. Allergies and special dietary needs must be discussed with the Child Nutrition Director so that all concerns are properly addressed. By having all information on hand, we are able to work with our student’s that have special dietary needs and provide them with proper nutrition and safety.

Peanut and Tree Nut allergies have become more prevalent in recent years therefore our district does not knowingly serve items with peanuts or tree nuts in them. We look at all labels and make sure our students with peanut or tree nut allergies are not served something that is even processed in a facility. We then substitute the food item with a similar product for the student.

We take special diets and allergies very seriously, and have a space dedicated to the preparation of meals labeled specifically for the respective student. Employees are trained on cross-contamination and label reading to ensure we do our very best to take care of your child and our students. The department sends out an email to families who have a child on a special diet so that they may help communicate the special meals and requirements for us on the days the child will be eating with us.

Menus are marked with an asterisk when we know of items specifically made in facilities where there are peanut and tree nuts. We also make note of days when there is pork on the menu for those with religious obligations as to not consume.

Meal Change Request Form
This must be completed for any special diet requests that will require a food substitution as well as for any students with a food allergy that require an epi-pen at school. *Physician Signature Required*

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