Payments may be made at any time in any of the schools. The money is applied to a family account. There are several options available in making payments such as through the school district skyward family access web page, cash or check. Please be sure with any payment you include your student’s name or six-digit PIN number to assure money is being applied to the correct account.

In order for the lunch lines to move as quickly as possible change is not given back when a student is paying with cash. This keeps the meal service moving and assures parents the money given to the student is placed in the account. The money will be applied to the account the day it is received. You may not see the payment online right away until after the accounting system is updated for the day.

We make every effort in applying money to the correct account. There are many families with the same first and last names or families who pay for others, therefore we ask for student ID (PIN#) be included with all transactions. This is a 6-digit number assigned to all students in the Brandon Valley School District. This number remains the same through all their years in school. Since we have a family account system, payments can be made to the account even if students in the family attend different schools throughout the district.

Communication about lunch account balances begins when the account reaches $15.00 via email and verbal notifications. The automated email notification alerts families when the balance is $15.00 or less. This only works through regular email accounts, the “free” email accounts (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL) are not recognized by our system and will not send an email notification. Should the account balance reach negative $20.00, the child will be provided an alternative meal. If an account reaches $0 the student is not allowed to purchase items on the a la carte line, but will still be given the opportunity to eat the regular lunch. Parents may place restrictions on second offerings and a la carte purchases in their family access foodservice tab.

You may use family access to see what your child(ren)’s balance is and also what the students have been spending per meal per day.

If you filled out the application and qualified for free meals, breakfast and lunch are provided each day. The family is required to pay for anything over and above the meals such as morning milk breaks in the elementary school or for any “Extras” the student may purchase.

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